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A smart way to enjoy sunshine.
Sunglasses can't, GLATUS can.

Perfectly fits into your life.

Even though you need sunshine to make vitamin D, which helps to strengthen bones, excessive UV exposure can also cause skin and eye problems. And sometimes you can
be drowsy driving when the sun is strongest.
That’s the reason you need to wear GLATUS to help you keep aware of what’s good and bad for your safety.

Check your safety in the sun

Protect Skin and Stay Healthy

Protect Skin and Stay Healthy

Check your UV exposure from customized UV sensors and get advice whether you're still safe from the sun

Drive safe

Drive safe

Check your driving conditions from advanced technologies and get advice to avoid drowsy driving

See clearly(Premium version)

See clearly(Premium version)

Take your clear and comfortable vision with Automatic Electrochromic Lens

Build your safe habits in the sun

Check your long-term UV exposure and driving conditions history by using the GLATUS app.

It can even be told when you might need them, based on data contained in hourly UV inex forecats even if you're not actually wearing them!

GLATUS Specification


Frame size : 149 x 150 x 52 mm
Weights : 36g
Sensors : Dual UV, Dual IR, eVOC, Temperature∙Humidity
UV Sensors detect : UVA(315 nm ~ 400 nm)
Water proof : Water resistant(IPX5)


Total power Output 0.8w


Battery capacity: 120mAh
Maximum usage time: 24 hours
(using driving mode 12 hours)
Full charging time: 2 hours
Charging type: USB-C type


Connectivity: BLE
Connectivity range: 10m

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